Ball Valve Manufacturer in KERALA

The Ball Valve is another one of our task specific solutions used to regulate the flow of fluids and gases in various industries. As the trusted Ball Valve Manufacturer Kerala, India we ensure that, our products comply with international quality and safety standards. The range of Ball valves includes the highly popular floating-ball design as well as the trunnion mounted design.

At Unitek Valves, we have a team of dedicated engineers and designers who have immense experience in the industry. Our focus is to design a comprehensive range of industrial valves with high performance, fine finish and long life. The simple design of these valves makes it easy to dismantle and clean from time to time. Special safety plungers are provided to discharge static energy and thus avoid potential fire hazard. Made of fine quality stainless steel, the ball in the valve has a mirror finish to minimize corrosion.

As the leading Ball Valve Manufacturer Kerala India, we offer the ball valves in various sizes to fit into our client's requirements. For reliable sealing, our range of industrial valves is one of the top options on the market.

The Quality of Control

Ball Valves are available in both designs floating and trunnion mounted. Standard Ball Valve is of a floating-ball design, where sealing takes place by allowing the ball under pressure to move towards the downstream seat to effect a tight seal. The floating ball design is the universal and versatile and used widely compare to trunnion mounted Ball Valve.


For size above 2" NB and for higher pressure ratings, and for special services that require double-block and bleed features, trunnion - mounted ball valves are used. Soft seat is inserted in metal cage backup with number of spring, which helps to reduce torque and give excellent sealing hence trunnion - mounted ball valves with soft seats used for critical process applications.


Ball Valves featuring this design are the most easily on-line maintainable in their class. By removing three body connector bolts and loosening the fourth, the body can be taken away using the fourth bolt as the fulcrum, to carry out any installation or maintenance operation on the valve. This feature reduces maintenance downtime.


Single-piece ball valves come with a one-piece integrally flanged body. This design offers the unique advantage of eliminating the possibility of external leakage to the atmosphere through bolted body joints. These environment-friendly and high-integrity valves are preferred in critical applications where the media is expensive, toxic, and where external leakage or wastage is unacceptable. The two-piece design eliminates one joint as in three piece, which reduces maintenance and possibility of external leakage to the atmosphere through joints.


Build-up of static electricity can occur as a result of constant rubbing of the ball against the PTFE seats. This can be a potential fire hazard, especially while handling inflammable fluids. Spring-loaded plungers are provided between the stem and the ball. Spark generated by friction between the ball and stem during on and off performance to the ground to prevent the possible risk of fire or explosion.


The stainless steel balls are manufactured to very close sphericity tolerances and are mirror-finished. This results in bubble-tight sealing and considerably reduced operating torque.




Floating Ball Valve

6 NB to 300 NB

150# to 600#

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

50 NB to 300 NB

150# to 600#


All Ball Valves have a bottom-entry stem design which features stem insertion from inside the body. An integral shoulder on the stem sits against the shoulder in the body, giving it blow-out proof integrity. This design offers safety features superior to top entry stem design.


Fire-safe design valves feature a secondary metal to metal seat, which renders the valve fire-safe. As per customers’ requirements fire safe design ball valve meets the requirements of API 607 & API 6FA.


. Alternate trim materials

. Stem Extension

. MS or SS Jacketed

. Flush Bottom Valve

. Pup Piece in Butt Weld/ Socket Weld End Valves

. Vent & drain and other auxiliary connections

. Chain wheel, Gear, Electrical & Pneumatic actuator

. NACE service


Floating Ball Valve

BS 5351

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve


End To End Dimensions

ASME B16.10

Flanged End Dimensions

ASME B16.5

Butt Weld End Dimensions

ASME B16.25

Socket Weld End Dimensions

ASME B16.11

Valve Inspection & Testing

API 598/ BS 6755 Part-I

Visual Inspection


Non Destructive Test (RT, UT, MT, PT)

ASME B16.34

Pressure - Temperature Rating

ASME B16.34