Check Valve Manufacturer in India

Unitek Valve is known for supplying the check valve in a huge variety of materials and configurations. We are highly known for the unique elastomer design which provides the lowest pressure drop and highest CV in the industry. Our Check Valve Manufacturer in India offer the valves for any orientation including vertical up the flow and down flow. Check Valves are becoming popular day by day because of their simple design and ease of use. These valves allow the release content in one direction.

Check valves can be found in a type of facility from industrial plants to homes. They help to prevent reverse flow of fluids and gases within the system. Its sole purpose is to keep fluid flowing forward. Our Check Valve Manufacturer in India offer the valves which are self-automated and do not require any form of manual assistance for the open and close purpose. Owing to our experience and understanding, we designed the check valve by which they can keep the fluid in one direction through the pipeline. These valves also come with the clapper which is attached to hinge and clapper shift that's mounted to the underside of the bonnet within the body of the valve.

These valves also help in boosting the efficiency and ensuring the safety for many types of systems. Check Valves can also help to avoid preventing flood in devices like water heaters. Moreover, they also work to avoid the damages to the strainers, control valves and flow meters caused by the reverse flow of materials. Our Check Valve Manufacturer in India offer the products which are used when multiple gases are mixed into the one gas stream.