FORGED Valve Manufacturer in Haryana

Unitek Valves Manufacturer and Exporter of Forged Steel Valves Manufacturer Haryana India

Your search for quality forged steel valves ends here at Unitek Valves because we are an ace manufacturer dealing in all types of valves. We have extensive industry experience in manufacturing different types of valves and various subtypes as well to cater to diverse commercial requirements.

Extensive Range of Forged Steel Valves

We offer a wide variety of valves that vary in terms of designs and functionality. Our broad categories are:

• Forged Check Valve
• Forged Globe Valve
• Forged Gate Valve
• Forged Y Type Globe Valve

Ideal for Multiple Industries

Unitek Valves is a supplier of forged steel valves to many industries that mainly produce paper, sugar, etc. Our valves are also used in chemical and textile industries using simple distinctions and modifications to standard available range.

We offer customization choices depending on your use. So, if the type of valve that you are looking for is not available in our standard range, our manufacturing facility empowers us to custom make the valve for you. You can select the material, dimension, type of end, operation -specific, etc. Besides, the customization choices, our valves are:

Highly Durable: Valves come in frequent contact with different types of liquids and are prone to wear and tear. This mandates companies to wisely invest in forged steel valves. Our valves are durable because we use quality raw material and pay special attention to the treatment of alloys during the manufacturing process.

Smartly Priced: Unitek Valves is bulk manufacturer and derives profit margins not by selling individual units but a batch. This benefits our clients because the prices we offer are almost unbeatable. Our valves come at attractive prices without any type of compromise on quality or delay in delivery.

Intricately Designed: Design is an important part of a valve. The design enables smoother functioning and also aides in the type of operation like automatic or manual. Selecting standard varieties are designed keeping in mind the major industrial applications. However, we offer complete customization services as well.

Internationally Certified: All our products and we as an organization are ISO certified. ISO has become a common certification and therefore, we have acquired a few more specific certifications to make our customers feel secure. Our forged steel valves are compliant with various design, testing, F to F, and ANSI standards.