Piston Valve Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

Are you looking for Quality and Durable Piston Valve Manufacturer Madhya Pradesh India so here is End of your Searching Because Unitek Valves Pvt Ltd Leading Manufacturer of Piston Valve in India

We also Export Piston Valve to Worldwide as per Clients Order and their Requirements.

Unitek Valves has Enough Experience in Export Piston Valve in Various Countries like United State, Africa, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia and many more countries.

We make Piston Valve on Forged Steel & WCB Body, Graphite Seals, 400°C Temperature and 40 Kg/Cm² Pressure.

IBR & Non-IBR Available on Request

Advantage of Piston Valve

  1. Leak-proof across ports & to atmosphere
  2. Maintenance free in the long run
  3. Environmentally safe and energy efficient
  4. Asbestos free
  5. Easy to Install
  6. Inline replaceable valve rings
  7. Excellent Control Valve

In line valve rings replacement

A newly installed piston valve does not require any maintenance for a long time. However, the spindle should be regularly lubricated. If nevertheless, a valve ring wears out it can be replaced without problems while remaining in the line and if assembly instructions are followed, It can be changed by in – house personnel. After Replacement, the valve is like new.

The core of the piston valve: The valve rings

The high-quality valve is made of graphite laminate with tang metal sheet inserts made of stainless steel. The valve is absolutely asbestos and maintenance-free. The variable thermal expansions, which occur under alternating thermal loads, are completely compensated by valve rings, which were resealed in built-in condition.

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