Unitek Valves is a leading Strainer Manufacturer in India offering quality solutions to its clients. Strainers are an integral part of the piping system in all kinds of industries to remove foreign matter from pipelines and to protect the equipment from any kind of damage caused by dirt and debris in the fluids. Being a leader among the Y Type Strainer Manufacturers India, we set high standards for quality, safety and durability of our products.

Industrial strainers are cleanable mesh or screen used in the piping systems. These products are designed to detect and filter the minutest contaminants, which are not visible to the human eye. As the top Basket Strainer Manufacturers India, we ensure that our strainers can handle various elements like water, other liquids, oils, slurry, steam and gases. We offer both Y type strainer and Basket strainer to our clients. Being a responsible Y Type Strainer Manufacturers, we design our products to be used in horizontal and vertical direction. They are designed to store a sizable about of dirt without hindering the flow of the liquid.

Our strainers act as a protective shield for machines safeguarding them from corrosion and enhancing their durability. Thanks to the fine quality and competitive pricing that we offer, we are one of the top Basket Strainer Manufacturers in the country.


Strainers are closed mechanical devices that contain a cleanable screen or mesh used to remove and retain foreign particles from flowing liquids, such as oil, gas, slurries, steam, and solids along pipelines. If a particle is visible to the naked eye, a strainer should be chosen to remove it from the liquid stream. If the device retains particles finer than 45 microns, it is generally considered a filter. The difference between filters and strainers is only semantic; a filter could be considered a coarse filter. All types of strainers are available with a large variety of joining methods for insertion into a pipeline (threaded, socket weld, butt weld, flanged).


The Y strainer has compact in design and is considered for use where space constraints exist. Frequent cleaning is often required. It is a good choice for high-pressure applications and for gases where pressures are higher and amount of dirt present is low. Y strainer has less capacity to store dirt than similar sizes of basket strainers. It is installed in a pipeline with its strainer element in the down position and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.


The Basket strainers, as well, gets its name from the upright, perforated basket used to trap particles. It is installed upright in the strainer body, and the top of the strainer must be removed for cleaning. Because of its large size, it can store large quantities of dirt and so has a lower pressure loss than a similar sized of Y strainer.

Basket Strainers find wide application in pipelines that require a high flow capacity. To service a basket strainer, the cover can be removed so technicians get immediate access to the filtering element (cage) if it needs replacement (due to cumulated debris). These types of strainers are manufactured also in the variant of "duplex type" which consists of two parallel basket strainers that facilitate the maintenance of the strainers in conditions when the flow of the line cannot be stopped

Design : Manufacturer's Standard
Face to Face : -
Flanges : ASME B 16.5
Butt welding : -
Testing : API 598
Material :

ASTM Specifications
Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel,any other special material.

Trims : Varieties of combinations
Operator : Handwheel, Gear, Chain Wheel Pulley, Electrical Motor and Pneumatic Actuator.
Note : • Bolted cover,
• Screwed Cover for 15 and 20mm sizes,
• Large Straining Screen with lowest pressure drop
Optional : Quick opening arrangement, Differential Pressure Gauges
Range Bucket Type Strainer
valve rating 150 300 600 900 1500 2500
STR 305 inches 2"-20” 2"-20” 2"-12” 2"-12” - -
mm 50-500 50-500 50-300 50-300 - -